“Off the Streets” is a Docu-Series with 30 minute episodes that will tackle the real issues affecting homelessness. Let’s be honest, completely ending homelessness isn’t something that will happen anytime soon but WE can still make a difference in our community and to the people that need it the most. In this show, we will find 5 good candidates and help them become a full member of society again. I would love to help everyone, but not everyone is ready. In addition, as the show progresses we can take a deep dive into all areas to find what works and what doesn’t.

The Goals

A large part is of the challenge is educating and engaging the general public. At present there is a large disconnect as most people don’t want to discuss it and just want it gone. They ignore the problem or only read cherry picked headlines and then make dismissive or angry snap opinions. Meanwhile the problem is being ignored and each side gets more entrenched in their position making it more difficult to get anything done. What will this show hope to accomplish?

  • Rehabilitate people to make them a functional member of society again.
  • It will directly address the fears and stigma associated in all areas.
  • Will be topical about current problems and limitations.
  • Educate about the available resources, what they do and what else is needed.
  • Help educate everyone about the realities of the streets
  • Help open people’s eyes and remind us that these are people too and they don’t want to be here.
  • Find out what more we can do that’s productive
  • Provide real world solutions from both sides of the isles

Season/Show Progression

I sincerely believe people will genuinely cheer for the underdog without any form of fake or contrived drama. Viewers will be cheering them on to succeed, even though I’m sure some may drop out. As a result, far more positive attention will be shown on the homeless and street addicted problem in general and at the same time strive towards a better understanding between everyone else and the people on the street.

  • Outlining the current homeless problem
  • The search for the right candidates
  • How they live now vs what they use to do.
  • Background history, how did they get here.
  • What it’s like for them living on the street
  • Getting cleaned up, physical and mental health issues.
  • Counseling / addiction
  • Education
  • Reconnecting with their family, if available
  • New housing and the issues readjusting.
  • Companies looking to hire.
  • Do they get hired in their previous career or a new career?
  • Follow up.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and like most, it struggles with homelessness, but what do people in the city really think about it?

What the public thinks about the homeless.

  • Talk with citizens
  • Talk with homeowners
  • Talk with business owners
  • Talk with the homeless
  • What homelessness down to property and business values


What the front line workers think.

  • Talk with first responders
  • Talk with shelters and programs
  • Talk with business owners
  • What homelessness down to property and business values


What needs to be done?

  • Educating the public on the real facts, no matter how good or bad.
  • What are the hurdles in the way?
  • What is holding back positive change?


Knowing what the public thinks and addressing their concerns absolutely matters.

There is a lot to discuss and many areas to dive into. Some of those will include;

  • What really happens with government funding on the city, provincial and federal side
  • The frontline workers
  • First responders.
  • Dumpster diving.
  • The reality of living on  the streets.
  • How they got  there and what are their stories?
  • Mental health.
  • Physical health and addiction.
  • Injection sites.


There are a lot of areas to cover, but something that needs to be done.